Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lea Tedesco earns recognition as the Longwood Rotary Club Student of the Quarter

Above Lea Tedesco is flanked by James Conley, Unionville High School Principal, to the left and Tim Rayne, President of Longwood Rotary Club, to the right. 

Laura Elfreth, Unionville High School guidance counselor, introduced our Student of the Quarter, Lea Tedesco, as an easy selection to make. Lea is focused on developing her language skills as the base for her career. She has been studying French and Spanish four and six years respectively, and started learning Italian a couple of year ago. Lea learned studying three languages simultaneously is a bit too many at once. As a result she has focused on French and Spanish, completing courses in both through the AP level. 

Lea is a member of four national honor societies, and a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Lea has also been recommended for the Widener Leadership Award scholarship. She is the stage manager for many of the school theatrical productions, including the musical they are rehearsing now. 

For the past three years, Lea has been volunteering twice a week at the Chester County Intermediate Unit to teach English, history and government to immigrants. "Teaching English to those who speak a language you are studying is a great way to learn", said Lea. Lea has also found these people are essentially always working to provide for themselves and their families.  

While Lea has not made her final choice of college, she is planning to work for the Peace Corp after graduation.