Monday, May 1, 2017

UHS Speech and Debate Team Sweeps Up

Speech Debate Picture
 The Unionville Speech and Debate Team attended the PCFL End of the Season Banquet. This league is made up of approximately 30 schools from across the Philadelphia area. At this banquet, the league recognizes the top competitors in both JV and Varsity events. Individual awards were as followed:
Varsity Public Forum:
Alex Wang*^/Amit Pampati*^- 1st place 
David Kinane*^/ Noelle Lambert*- 2nd place 
JV Public Forum:
Evan Wang/Kevin Liao- 1st place
Jake Ryan/ Fred Rajasekaran- 3rd place
Varsity Policy Debate:
Jessica Liu*/Natalie Kelly*- 3rd place 
David DeMarco*^/ Nick Yang*^- 5th place 
JV Policy Debate:
Dimitrios Cotrotsios/Sid Panchanadam- 4th place
Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate:
Richard Shin- 1st place *
Damian Hunt- 2nd place *^
JV Lincoln Douglas Debate:
Maxine Adams- 5th place
Varsity Congress:
Andrew Binder-3rd place *^
JV Congress:
Viraj Joshi- 10th place
Varsity Extemp:
Jack Odom- 1st place *
Ashwin Singh- 2nd place *^
JV Extemp:
Adarsh Gadagkar- 5th place
Zemar Qazi- 9th place
Varsity Oral Interpretation:
Suchi Jain- 2nd place *
Harini Peri- 4th place *
Varsity Original Oratory
Sophia Qureshi- 7th place^
Katelyn Tsai- 8th place
JV Dramatic Interpretation:
Andrew Huang-8th place
Varsity Declamation:
Anna Li- 3rd place *^
Parik Radhakrishnan-9th place
JV Declamation:
Faye Kolb- 9th place
Angie Shen- 10th place
Team awards were as followed:
JV Debate Sweepstakes- 2nd place
Varsity Debate Sweepstakes-1st place
Overall Debate Sweepstakes- 1st place
Varsity Speech Sweepstakes- 1st place
Congress Sweepstakes- 3rd place 
Unionville also won the title of Overall District Champions for the second year in a row.
Congratulations to these students on a truly outstanding job!
*- qualified to the Grand National Tournament in Louisville
^- qualified to the National Speech and Debate Association Championship in Birmingham